Secure Your C-Channel Trailer, Wrap A Kraken Around Your Trailer Today!!

                                INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 

  • If applicable, remove existing coupler bolt/nut and discard
  • Determine mounting position of trailer coupler and slide the Kraken bolt plate though trailer C-channel bracket and coupler.
  • Attach Kraken lock box in desired position over bolt plate threads (can mount upside down for clearance as required) 
  • Install supplied flat washers (2), then thread supplied lock nuts (2) onto bolt ends
  • Using a 15/16 socket and torque wrench, tighten both locking nuts to at least 80 ft lbs torque (140 ft lbs maximum torque)
  • Close Kraken box lid and lock (key can only be removed when in the locked position) 
  • Re-check lock nut torque after first 50 miles of trailer use and then periodically afterwards and during yearly DOT inspections
  • Record your key number and keep in a safe place!