Secure Your Trailer Wrap A Kraken Around Your Trailer Today!!

Kraken Lock is warrantied against defects in manufacturing for a full 30 days from purchase, I am proud of what I sell and if for any reason you are having issues or questions regarding my lock, please don''t hesitate to contact me! 

                                                                                                           Legal Stuff

Kraken Lock LLC. is only available for sale within the United States, cannot process sales or shipping outside the USA. 

Kraken Lock LLC. cannot be held liable for any damages or injury resulting from its use and/or installation. Photos are for visual reference only.

Kraken Lock LLC. is not an insurer, and the protection provided by its products is limited and not absolute in case of theft. Therefore, its responsibility is expressly limited to the warranty relating to manufacturing defects. Kraken Lock LLC. Reserves the right to modify the manufacturing and/or characteristics and/or design of its products without prior notice, or incur the obligation to exchange the products already sold.

WARNING: The "Kraken Lock" It is only a theft prevention accessory. In no event will Kraken Lock LLC. be liable for any loss or damage due to use of the Kraken Lock.