Secure Your Trailer Wrap A Kraken Around Your Trailer Today!!


    After personally knowing a few people getting their trailers stolen from having the entire coupler removed in the Denver, CO area and needing a dump trailer for my own business, I started searching for a lock to secure my coupler to the trailer.  Not finding a product like this anywhere I began to think about how to keep this from happening day after day all over the country and the Kraken Lock was born.

    A few pizza box cutout designs later I started making thin sheet metal models and as the design came together (as well as the many cuts I had from the sharp sheet metal) I grew more and more confident that I had a great idea to prevent adjustable trailer coupler removal type theft.

     I wanted to use a lock that wasn't easily bypassed like the cheap barrel type locks that come on most trailer products nowadays and that's when I found the Abloy type lock, no tumblers or springs inside to corrode or get road debris jammed in them and the lock is virtually un-pickable and cannot be drilled out either.

    Once all the different aspects came together I was ready to make a few prototypes and test them against pry bars and sledgehammers and start the patent process (which is a whole other story!)

    Now with patent in hand, I'm in the beginning stages of marketing my adjustable coupler trailer lock with manufacturing in full swing and Kraken Locks being shipped all over the country.