Secure Your Adjustable C-Channel Trailer Or Gooseneck, Wrap A Kraken Around Your Trailer Today!!
  • Kraken Gooseneck Jam Bolt Lock *NEW*

    $189.99 $175.99

    Kraken Gooseneck Lock, secures one of the jam bolts/nuts on the goose-neck sleeve preventing someone from loosening and removing your gooseneck hitch coupler (with your gooseneck coupler lock attached) 

    Kraken Gooseneck comes with a new 3/4 inch set bolt, a washer and a jam nut to complete installation 

    ** Kraken must be mounted horizontally on Ram brand couplers, if you have a single set screw or a coupler where the 2 set screws are spaced more than 3 inches apart, then the Kraken can be installed vertically with tube** 

    Installation Instructions: 

    1.    Remove one of the jam nut/bolts where the Kraken lock is going to be mounted. (Some couplers may only have one jam bolt)

    2.    Install supplied set screw into gooseneck bolt hole and tighten to 80ft lbs with a 3/8 Allen wrench (not supplied)

    3.    Install one of the supplied flat washers over set screw and then slip the Kraken Lock box over the set screw and washer using the middle hole in lock box. (Can use one of the other holes in lock box if desired)

    4.    Install 2nd supplied flat washer over set screw on inside of Kraken Lock box, then install the supplied lock ring washer.

    5.    Install supplied jam nut and tighten nut to 100ft lbs.

    6.    Close Kraken Lock box and rotate key to lock position to remove key. (Key only releases when in locked position)  

    7.    Record your key# and keep in a safe place. 

    8.    Recheck jam nut tightness after 1st 100 miles of towing and then periodically thereafter.