Secure Your Adjustable C-Channel Trailer Or Gooseneck, Wrap A Kraken Around Your Trailer Today!!
  • Kraken Lock With Choice of Bolt Grade

    $209.99 $189.99

    Newly designed Kraken Lock is just like the original Kraken Lock but now instead of a welded bolt plate we are offering a separated design bolt plate that still retains the bolts and prevents them from being tampered with while allowing you to use the standard grade 8 bolts that are supplied or chose our upgrade package to get two grade 9 bolts! (Still supplied with Grade C washers and locking nuts, which is grade 8-9 equivalent as the clamping force is not the axis of load.   

    This new bolt plate allows the bolt heads to drop down flush into the bolt plate and then secure the nut end inside the Kraken Lock Box or install the nuts in bolt plate and secure the bolt heads inside the Kraken Lock Box, whichever way you prefer! 

    New design also eliminates any down time in case of a stripped or damaged bolt as most hardware stores will stock this common bolt size for easy field replacement.